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Women, Welding, & Wine

Richard Day, of 42Fab LLC was inspired to create Women, Welding, and Wine when a client mentioned how much fun it would be to get together with some girlfriends and learn how to weld. From there the event was flushed out as a 2 hour "Welding 101" course followed by a questions and answers and demonstration of other metalworking topics. Guest are invited to enjoy their drinks during the Q&A and after they have finished using power tools.

The Instructor:

I would rather be known as your guide. Metalworking is an art as well as a science and the only way to start learning is to start working. I attended OU for Civil Engineering and worked briefly in Heavy Highway Planning (in Texas, Oklahoma roads aren't my fault - I swear) before realizing I hated sitting behind a desk and missed getting dirty and going home tired, so I returned to the job that put me through school - making customers' ideas into reality. In the 11 years I've been working with metal I've come to appreciate the beauty in it and in the properties of the finished products. Whether a piece is intended to decorate a home, gain a natural patina in the elements, or advertise a business, I love playing my part in creating it. Over time, my specialty has evolved into custom furniture and signage for businesses and homes. My work can be seen in nearly every City grid of OKC, something that I am immensely proud of, and grateful to my customers for. Over the last two years I have started sharing the knowledge that I have learned as a self-taught Metalworker with an apprentice, curious friends, and the world at large at youtube.com/42Fab and watching people learn the magic of welding has only re-energized my desire to teach and pass on that which has been passed to me.

The Course:

The instructional course will cover basic welding and plasma cutting (cutting of metal with electricity similar to a laser), as well as the use of shop tools, fixturing, and metal finishing. All materials and safety equipment will be provided, though guests will want to dress in "work clothes" as they may get stained.

Long pants and closed toe shoes are absolutely required.

Each class will have two project options: a guided project in which pre-cut materials will be provided for assembly, or a free form project in which participants will have the freedom to create whatever they imagine from a large basket of materials.

Guided Project:

The next course's guided project will be creating a decorative family name plate for the home, office, or where ever you'd like to personalize your space. 

Your personalized piece can be customized to mount on a wall or with an added base for resting on a flat surface. A variety of paints, patinas, and finishes are available for you to choose from.

Free Form Creativity:

Any guest is welcome to let loose their creative side and help themselves to the more than 1,000 pounds of metal pieces we have available. Your creation can be as simple as a stylized letter or as complicated as your imagination can dream up.

Richard will be available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and help you create something you love showing off.


While Women, Welding, & Wine is designed to meet the educational, social, and recreational wants of the modern woman, 42Fab LLC believes in inclusivity. Our course is open to anyone, of any gender or identity, 12 years or older ("Wee ones, Welding, and Welch's"). Special courses may be scheduled for groups on ten or more if you'd like to organize a closed course.

Alcohol and Rules:

Welding, Women, & Wine is a BYOW (wine) event in which guests are invited to bring their wine or beverage of choice. A refrigerator is available, but no alcohol will be provided (sorry - government rules).

Guests are encouraged to procure a safe ride home when drinking.

But hey - we've got glasses for days and will open your bottle for you!


Our class is $30 purchased in advance and $35 at the door. Please purchase a ticket below as attendance is limited to 15 guests so as to not deprive anyone of instructor time.

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